Prototyping the Future

The Moment has come to start unleashing my implements of destruction upon the world!

Really, i'm just excited to see this one step closer to going live. The Khmali has been a joy to build and has opened up my expertise to many other styles of weaponry that my Patrons find fascinating.

If you've been following my Facebook and Instagram, you'll see lots and lots of little specs and measurements that culminate into the hours spent tuning this Prototype into its current form.

These happenings have lent a great boon in my drive to continue pursuing sword work and become more involved in these communities. over the past few weeks I have been able to procure more tools and materials for making wondrous advances in my ability to create, A welder and a Large Heat treating Forge among them.

As for my art, I have hit a wall currently. There is much going on, and the lines aren't flowing very well. But I will continue to produce in whatever creative capacity I can for the time being. Thank you all for the support, and for the few that hold on for the sporadic blog posts. Thank you.

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