The Road Ahead

Hey everyone! For those interested in the SCA, HEMA, and other martial disciplines, I've got a cool surprise for you! I'll be taking my first steps in creating custom sparring blades! Now I will not be making any production pieces (there are some exceptions), everything will be as ordered.

Now if you're familiar with my previous work, you will know that the sky is the limit on how creative we can get! I will work with you to balance safety, historic accuracy, aesthetic, and handling in every piece. Now this service can get in depth, so wait times are to be expected. I will also be only making a handful at a time. That means I have a quota for a time period. then my books are shut until the next round.

I deeply love this process, as it is the backbone of my expertise. That means that through any adversity, this will be a core portion of my business moving forward. My books will be opening soon, as I need to pound out the kinks, but I will be offering quotes if interested! As for anyone who has read this far, I thank you all for your support! If you have had a piece of my work before, please feel free to post some pictures on this thread, or send them in to me to show them off. Particularly any pieces that we had gone from design to completion to finish together. Thanks again, Mark Howland Shrikes Forge

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